Monday, February 20, 2017

Fighting By The Book

A fellow reader brought a prolific writer of catfight stories to my attention. Named Ariadne Vice - very likely a pen name - has a total of thirty six e-books about the subject on sale at Amazon! I usually prefer videos and pictures to satisfy my fetish, but plain text has its advantages: for example, one can imagine a character in the book being your girlfriend, a neighbor, one colleague of work and so on.

I haven´t read any of Ariadne´s books but the reader reports his (or her?) stuff regards mostly wife vs wife, teens combats and a few others themes; he liked the "Freshmans Fights" trilogy but his favorite is "Pretty Pugilists", a Victorian bare knuckle boxing fantasy.

As I said, I prefer images (after all, it is a Female Fight Theater), hence I added the slideshow below with six book covers from Ariadne works. But catfighting stories are around way before the e-books appeared: so I added old cover books from around 1960s in the slide show, displaying literature "classics" as "Passion Limbo", "Three´s a Crowd", "She Had to Cheat" and others. Frankly, I prefer the bolder and raunchy illustration style from the vintage works: the reason might be I was used to stare at those sexy images in my young age for the lack of better stuff...    

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Oldest One?

I have found this gem a few time ago and start wondering whether it is the first nude combat captured on film. It is in fast motion, typical attribute of movies shot in the 1920s when cameras run at 18-19 frames/second for saving film. Therefore, I suspect it came from that period, specially because it is a German production and the country had a liberal approach to nudity. 

Unfortunately, it is just a two minutes clip and apparently the fight is longer.


Update: Following the information given by the clip finder (see the comment), I have done a brief research on the Web. The footage has come from Karl Höffkes Archives, a huge repository of common life scenes in Germany in the 20th century (I don´t know the language, so I had to use bare tools as Google Translate). The above clip is here and on its brief information line, Karl dates the material to the 1940s (or even the 1960s) and the location at a certain "Atrium". There was a theater with this name in Dusseldorf that held female wrestling events in the 1940s after the war. Does anyone can find more?

Two more things: my assumptions about the film speed were just a fantasy and I have supposed that I could post the video here...

Monday, February 6, 2017

Festival Of Grimaces

I browsed my posts and realized I don´t have many cases of a dreadful and sexy hold: the small package pin, where the dominated fighter is kept in a awkward position and escape chances are nil. The best in my collection of still images has been used to create the slide show. Hold details can vary but one common thing is the grimace in the looser face.

The Japanese erotic combats love to include the hold in the script and there is a couple of them in the slide show below (unfortunately with the annoying privates pixelation). 

Notice that Robin appears in three slides: two in the dominant side and one as victim. My dear Nicole Oring is also included the show.

Monday, January 30, 2017

What are you looking at?

The wrestling skills of those ladies? Their ripped muscles and the beef on legs and arms? Their breasts? Maybe all of this but I bet you are focusing on their crotches (Yes, I confess, I am a pervert...).

They are not the common fare because all women here are strong and generously built what gives a special attraction to the scenes.

First and second segments are from Female Muscle World: Tami vs Leia Kawaii but the other I could not identify the body builders. the last item is from ECNCW CF-45 Sarah vs Kelly.


Note 1: The California Supreme has been update in the text and video sections;

Note 2: a bunch of uncommon videos (not clips) has been uploaded to YouTube and are available in the top positions of the Blog Theater. There are full fights from Lingerie Fighting Championships and Japanese ring combats from a (weird) outlet called Fuego Lucha Libre (yes, in Spanish) located in ... California.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Contemporary Apartment Catfights

A soft rug, a small clear area, absence of dangerous objects that can hurt and presto: you are ready to sponsor a catfight on your apartment. Perhaps a sofa to add another surface to the combatants. This was the main background used in the sport pioneer times. Nowadays one finds catfights under the sea and in a space station with girls greased with yogurt or honey.

Phat Pharras Katfight Korner producer stands with the conventional apartment catfights style. It has nice touches as the mutual undressing in some fights that I find entertaining. And cases where the woman is not utterly bald on her intimacies. Brawls seem competitive, regardless of safeguard instructions to prevent injuries (even so, they happen...).

In the videos I watched there are boring periods; it depends on fighters imagination and skill to get an advantage. Below, the second and third segment cater for the big women fans. The best segment is the last one, the interracial bout between skinny and beautiful girls.

Scenes are from: A Matter of Pride (Mila vs Sarah), Friendly Fire (Dylan vs Stephanie), Last Gasp (Sydney vs Olivia) and Sugar and Spicey (Candy vs Lisey).


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tricking YouTube

In the last weeks I have seen a huge turnaround of women fighting clips on YouTube: dozens of videos get in, dozens of videos get out in short periods of time. That is the reason the Blog Theater (bottom of the page) film list changes a lot, specially within the first 200 itens (for unknown reasons the video count shows only the number 200, but my playlist has around 1,500 clips).

I find everything on YouTube regarding the catfighting theme: rare footage, repetitive material, misleading titles, awful image quality, interesting fights and... sexy stuff. The later ones rarely stay active more than one day. 

Few moments ago I stumbled upon a curiosity: a guy published a catfighting video with twice the normal speed; but if you play it at half speed (or one quarter speed) you can see a rare erotic catfight, very likely from Crystal Films, and notice quite well the women are wearing only pantyhoses under the dresses.


Note: the video is still available and a reader warned me that one of catfighters is Maylay, the hostess of the Harmony Club in New York and many Crystal Films productions.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Feel Pain Just Looking Or Grueling Leg Locks

I guess the girls in the fighting scenes below are much more flexible than me but the leg locks they are submitted to should have left painful memories. Look at the first one with gorgeous Marla putting the equally hot Michelle to suffer in the World of Wildcats (WOW) production: I hope they had rehearsed very well the move or the chiropractor will receive the blonde early in the following morning. Same is valid in the second and third segments, respectively with Sharon and Arlene for Wrestling Lounge and Veve Lane and Indra for DoomMaidens. 

The last segment is the more realistic one, featuring a competitive combat between Ionna and Jenny for Female Wrestling Zone. Ionna goes after a submission locking Jenny´s legs in many positions until she gets an extreme bend of her right leg; then, with a little help of a side head lock, she is rewarded with a tap out.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blog Technical Problems

Several Blog readers have reported that they can´t play the videos coming along with the posts. I haven´t change anything in the Female Fight Theater parameters and on my side the Blog page is OK. I use Google Chrome as browser (under Windows 7) and the problem might be related to a given browser. 

It is very likely an internal glitch in the Google Blogger software that will go away (hopefully soon). Meanwhile, one can try a different browser.

Another possibility is a bug in the particular Adobe Flash Video Player you are using. You can try a software update and see if the problem is solved. Let me remind everybody that is not possible to watch the videos on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) because Apple does not support this video format (for good reasons...).

Sorry, folks.

Monday, January 9, 2017

From Boring To Exciting To Dull

A three phase combat video from Academy: at first, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in a (friendly) competitive style among hot women using those thick GI Kimonos that make everybody seeming a potatoes bag. Secondly, after spending much more time in the previous phase than desirable in the original video, they decide to strip out of everything and resume the combat: now we move to the best moments, specially when Izamar is caught fully nude in a crucifix hold. And lastly, when we think we are going to be indulged with a nice erotic competitive wrestling, they start a lesbian script...


Let me remind you that I continue to upload full combats from California Supreme in its special page (see tab).